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Um, Christopher Nolan? Could you please make this a reality? Found at the most wonderful comic book blog, Compassions, in which I whole-heartedly agree with her opinion on the news that Chris Evans (The Torch in The Fantastic Four) has agreed to star as Captain America:

i’m not even a marvel fan and i know this is wrong. you can’t have the same fucking actor play two heros from the same universe. thats fucking stupid.

They must be playing by JJ Abrams rules where you can just use alternate realities.

It’s still a slap in the face to cast this guy as the Captain.

I’ve seen other actors who seemed to have their choice of roles ahead of them… they just stop showing up in movies, and this dude survives the technical failure that was the F4 movies?

Aye, no.

Epic Beard Man, Mortal Kombat Style


(YouTube Link)

This got churned out nice & quick!

For reference.

Update: After seeing this, I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of EBM.  It’s a complicated meme, full of society’s uncoolest ills, but the mere fact of its popularity is spawning what some are calling a memeplex.  As far as the black/white issue goes, I think we all need to work a bit harder to make that go away once and for all.  On a more skeptical note, the very fact that this exploded is most likely due to inherent, seething racism.  However, EBM’s tearful revelation about his Mom dying, along with his reference to Vietnam, could be the most touching American story generated from a spontaneous moment caught on film, and posted to YouTube.

Update 2: This  officially crowns this meme~~

The Other Avatar


When James Cameron’s Avatar came out, quite a few people I spoke to about it thought I was talking about Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Being parents, they were familiar with this children’s tale that I’ve never heard of, and all I could think of was, “Wow, somebody didn’t get the memo about duplicate titles in one year.”  Anyway, here’s the Super Bowl ad for M. Night’s attempt to return to relevance… and it looks pretty dang good.  Maybe.  Never Forget.

Killer Concept Art for Green Lantern


Count me among the teeming masses that can’t wait to see Green Lantern when it comes out in 500 days.  The franchise, about a race of aliens scattered among the planets (we get Greenie) and endowed with superpowers will be a fresh, and apparently artistic endeavor.  So far, at least in concept stage, it looks promising.

Robin Hood Trailer


Russell and Ridley, together again.  William Hurt as the Sheriff.  Looks awesome enough to negate what Costner did with the role.

Watch Here.

The Shelving of Superman


In 2006, I and millions like me were supremely disappointed with Bryan Singer’s contribution to a seemingly simple franchise: Superman Returns.  Many compared the experience to gang rape, and questioned Mr. Singer’s true intentions (The Gayification of Superman).  Myself, I thought he tried too hard to connect the film to the Christopher Reeve era, particularly Richard Donner’s Superman II.

But Elisabeth Rappe of Cinematical has a piece up about the way Hollywood has failed to return to that singular magic that Donner and Reeve captured, and why they need to revise the approach.  Everyone loves to throw around the word “reboot,” and for some franchises, it works.  But Superman is a pretty famous dude, and if an audience doesn’t know about Jor-El, Krypton, and the Kent farm, it’s really not all that bad.  They won’t be lost if we just jump into a Supes story in Metropolis, ratcheting up a plot that doesn’t have to explain Superman.  What’s not to get?  He can fly.  He’s strong.  Only Kryptonite can harm him.

Therein lies another problem that Elisabeth brings up.  He’s kind of a boring hero.  Even when Lex Luthor flattens him with a giant slab of the stuff, we know he’s going to be okay, somehow (although Singer’s solution reeked).  We know our protagonist is going to come out fine, and that hinders suspense.  However, if we have Superman performing to save someone else, say, the human race, then we have ourselves some real, interesting drama.

The reality is- Tinseltown is giving up for now.  The last Son of Krypton won’t be flying across movie screens anytime soon, because the potential for another failure is too great.  That’s really too bad, for I think it’s important to have more Superman in our lives… as long as he’s done right.  I suppose the only hope we have to believe a man can fly would be to combine him with another, more bankable hero.



AskMen has put together what could arguably be called the most spot on top ten list regarding shootouts in movies.  They’re all here, the cremé de le cremé.

10. Unforgiven. I remember being so skeptical of this movie when it came out, and was so blown away by what Mr. Eastwood did with direction.  Great shootout with a villain you love to hate and his goons.

9. Boondock Saints. Even though Overnight depicts director Troy Duffy as an egomaniac, I remember also being blown away (okay, no more of that) by the two centerpieces of this thriller, and the shootout was elevated to cult status once again.

8. Tombstone. The epitome storyline.  The reason we have shootouts is because of the story of the OK Corral.  This is the best version of that story.

7. The Untouchables. The first one that came to mind when I read the title.  Odessa Steps, baby carriage, classic.

insert shootout here.

6. Hard Boiled. Hat tip to John Woo in general, methinks.

5. The Matrix.
Second one that came to mind, but I would extend AskMen’s title of The Lobby to The Rescue of Morpheus, because you have to include the chopper scene.

4. The Professional. You think Leon’s going to fall for that knock?  You better bring more guys, Oldman.

3. The Wild Bunch. I’m so happy my favorite western made it so high on the list.  From the article:

Believe it or not, more blank rounds were discharged during the production of The Wild Bunch than live rounds were fired during the Mexican Revolution of 1914. Now that’s dedication!

2. Scarface. Natch.

1. Heat. Hell Yes.  Michael Mann’s epic shootout not only makes kinetic shootout cinema… the scene mirrored a real life Los Angeles bank robbery that used similar guns & tactics, only that time the criminals were killed.  This scene however always manages to blow me away (Sorry).

By the way, each entry at the site hosts YouTubage of the scenes, a rundown of Notable Guns, and Estimated Body Count.  Awesome.

Go to AskMen.

What they left out: Open Range, The Usual Suspects, Saving Private Ryan, Shoot ‘em Up, Terminator 2,  ……more?

District 13: Ultimatum



I’ve shared my love for District B13 before, and at last, a sequel this way comes.  As with all sequels, this one’s getting scrutinized to see if they totally wank it up.  According to Cinematical, the errors in judgement are few, but there.

I don’t care.  I’m going to enjoy this because of what it isn’t: half-baked, star-driven cliche.  District 13 is just plain, old fashioned, Parkour-driven cliche…like I like.



Well, that was me landing after my first ever skydive.  IAF1, Instructor Assisted Freefall.  Like tandem, but I was in control…until the landing.  I need to see what that’s like before I try it.  The freefall from 14,000 feet was amazing, indescribable Zen.  120 mph straight down, then the deafening wind is vanquished when I deploy my chute, and play all the way down.  Highly recommended for those who’ve ever contemplated it.

And then, Wow, a surprise.  I saw the oddly named The Chronicles of Riddick at last, after avoiding it for years.  I was sure it would suck, but I was wrong.  If you keep an open mind and just disappear into that Universe, forgiving gaping scientific plot holes is a rewarding exercise in receiving a pretty cool little story.

Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun



I really appreciate all the love the Internets have been showing for Spacebat.  People can be cool.  Sometimes.  


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