Scooter Does The Safety Dance


The Haymaker


Looks like Griffen vs Munkee, in some weird alternate universe.

Boo-Ya Twisted Sifter

Pinball Hunter


Scooter would love this, Jasmine… not so much.  Me, I could watch this all day, and I must say the player is doing a great job of racking up points.

My Favorite Rabbit Since Bugs Bunny


I guess I’m behind the times on this one, which escaped my gaze a few years ago on the short animated circuit.  I am absolutely loving it right now.  Treating my cat for milial skin infections, and the sudden snowstorm has made me just want to snuggle up next to a fireplace and watch this on repeat.  Viva Run Wrake.  Brilliant.

O Hai. I Has Murrr For You


…and I has Gold.

…sorry, I ayt ur Frank n’ Sense.

Go Buzzfeed.

And……We’re Back.


My best friend had her birthday this weekend, and it was awesome.  One of the highlights was, of course, about me being right.  She just saw Batman Begins a couple of weeks ago for the first time, and fell so much in love with it, she declared that the sequel could never top it.  I tried to assure her it would, but she doubted me.

She doubts me no more.


Also, went to the zoo today, and Lexie kept handing me her purse, then I would forget for a while that I was holding it.  Before long I decided other guests at the zoo observed me, and thanked providence that Portland is such a gay-friendly town.


Feline Breakdance Fail


This looks like something my Jasmine would do.  However, that’s not true, because this isn’t something I would ever do.  Pretty funny, though.

Del Toro Does Deadman?


Guillermo Del Toro, auteur of so many wonderful films, like Pan’s Labyrinth, is my favorite krazy director/producer.  His upcoming projects make me salivate, like Bag of Bones, the Stephen King hauntfest from years back, to adaptations of Frankenstein, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, to whatever the hell “Drood” is.

But in light of all the hoopla surrounding Disney taking over Marvel, I’m particularly excited about Del Toro’s interest in a little-known DC comic called Deadman.  It’s about a circus performer who is murdered during one of his stunts, but is blessed with the ability to “possess the bodies of those around him.”  After the much-deserved success of The Dark Knight, I do believe DC will see a surge in artistic application, and rise above the Mouse triumphantly soon.  The truth is, we’ll have to see what DC does with Del Toro’s limitless talent.

Check It Out.

Oh, and on a side note, I think Guillermo would be a great cat name.

Some Cat Trivia



From my newly delivered book, The Ultimate Book of Useless Information, which was bestowed on myself through the generosity of the folks at Mental Floss.

1. A cat has four rows of whiskers.

2. Studies show that if a cat falls off the seventh floor of a building it has about a 30 percent less chance of surviving than a cat that falls off the twentieth floor.  It takes about eight floors for the cat to realize what is happening, relax, and correct itself.

3. Cats in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, have a very high probability of having six toes.

4. Cats have more than one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs only have about ten.

5. Cats have five pads on their front feet and only four on their back feet.

6. A cat has thirty two muscles in each ear.

7. A cat’s jaws cannot move sideways.

8. The pet ferret was domesticated more than five hundred years before the house cat.

Also, I bet you just tried to move your jaw from side to side.  Congrats, you’re not a cat.


Proof Cats Rule


I’m a cat person.  I’ve been one for about half my life.  I have come to understand the feline mind, and embrace its tenacity, pragmatism, and shrewdness as well as its playful nature.  Having said that…

Here’s a completely hilarious You Tube video which is simply called, “Man Yelling At His Cats.”  I had my Jasmine on my lap while watching, and we both laughed at it.  Not kidding.  If you think you might be traumatized by cats being cats, well, consider yourself warned.  Also, totally NSFW.


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