Flower Warfare


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In this pipe dream, Jon Bon Jovi (not really) and company conduct a floral assault on a couple of stoners. If only warfare was really like this. Hilarious twist at the end.

Making Of.

Alphabetical Google Image Search — S


The new, excellent format over at Google Images has everything on one page, inspiring me to dig deeper from here on out, and find cool stuff among the cars and cameras.

Alphabetical Google Image Search — R


While R may be some kind of wonder letter when it comes to sports cars, and naughty 90s rappers, I’m glad to see that R still, really stands for RAWR!

"July 5, 2007 · 1 Comment"


"The Rat Retreat"

Way back when, my pet rat Gandalf would have absolutely loved that Rat Retreat.

Alphabetical Google Image Search — Q


Well, my famous ex-roommate didn’t make the top three pages, but my other favorite Qish characters did.

"Desmond Llewelyn played"


"Скачать : Q-Bert ."

Alphabetical Google Image Search — P


P-Mate. That is all.

"P-Mate Links"

"P-Mate Product"

"P-Mate Allows Women"

Alphabetical Google Image Search — O


Top O’ tha Mornin’ to ya! Time once again to see what the alphabet, Google, and images there have for us. The letter O was sure to bring up famous people with a bit O’ Irish in them, but what I selected are a painting by Georgia O’Keefe, the great Conan O’Brien, and a really cool image of a Portuguese Man O’War.

"In the summer of 1929"

"Conan O'Brien"

"Portuguese Man O'War"

Who the hell is Aubrey O’Day?

Alphabetical Google Image Search — N


Digging deep again to escape the Guns ‘n Roses’, the Salt ‘n Pepas, and the Bone Thugz ‘n Harmonies. And the tons of Nokia images.

"Bed 'n"

"SW2-N Antelope.jpg"

"N Sandro Botticelli"

That last one looks like one rowdy party.

Alphabetical Google Image Search — M


MMMMMM, Fritz Lang. There were actually three cool images representing his film “M.” But I decided to choose the best of those in order to make room for two other gems.

"M (1931) Fritz Lang"

"Alan M Hunt British"

"m&m + M = 3M"

More awesome realistic paintings by Alan M Hunt can be scoped out HERE.

Alphabetical Google Image Search — L


Geez, I had to dig a little deeper than usual (page 7) to get past all the anime and L-Word junk in the forefront. But these will do nicely. 8)

"View from"

"but Chicagoans love the"

Alphabetical Google Image Search — K


Among the multitudes of stereo equipment, Japanese Anime, and Phillip K. Dick images, were these.

"A tasty replica of"

"Vitamin K"

"K-159 before"

Honorable mentions: I found a couple of handy topographical maps of Georgia here and here, if you’re heading to that part of Asia any time soon.


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