Casual, Obligatory Web Presence Post.

 Hi there.  They call me Johnny Cat, the Relocation Director at Century 21 Cascade Pacific.  I live in Vancouver, Washington, which is right across the Columbia River from Portland.  Love it here.

The wonderful world of Real Estate has bewitched me into its lovely arms, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  I work with the most talented, kindest, and enthusiastic Realtors in the world. 

It’s hard to imagine another office like ours.  The fun, friendly atmosphere belies a serious commitment to success, service and excellence.  That alone would be sufficient fodder for a blog, but I’m just going to park it for now. 

The market is heating up, and after 2 years of blogging, and zero hits…I just want to leave this brief profile and picture up, in case anyone cares to get to know me a smidge.


3 Responses to Casual, Obligatory Web Presence Post.

  1. Gnemec says:

    Well, here’s why I am bothering to comment:

    1. My blog gets close to no comments either.
    2. You riffed on my comment on the Comics Curmudgeon, or you were unaware of my comment and made a parallel funny.
    3. Your riff and your photo above contain Star Wars references.

  2. anotehr flosser says:

    And I am commenting ’cause I think I remember you as among the witty comment-ers on Mental Floss 🙂

  3. Johnny Cat says:

    Yup! That’d be me!

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