Thank You, Swing Vote

I’ve liked Costner since the time he did this movie:

And while he’s still fun to watch, I really felt this movie catered too much to the cliche.  The overuse of citizens staring at wide screen, and console TVs all across America made me want to bleed from my eyesockets.  The sole reference to the Internet in the film was “blogo-smear”, and some strange website called that sponsored a debate. (Doesn’t Exist)

Then of course, came the one element of Costner movies I’ve had an assfull of, The Choked Up Speech. :

But thanks most of all, Swing Vote, for reminding me that Hollywood is really out of ideas for original, compelling stories.  And thanks for insinuating that the people of New Mexico are a stereotypical mix of Native Americans and drunkards. 

Thanks for the use of an Abigail Whatsername Lookalike, cause that Little Miss Sunshine was probably already booked.

Thanks goes out to Kevin, personally, for making my worst hair days seem like Fonzie days.

Oh, and thanks for the blinding lighting in the manufactured home’s interior shots, that was SO realistic.


4 Responses to Thank You, Swing Vote

  1. nother_flosser says:

    >>Hollywood is really out of ideas for original, compelling stories

    Not just Hollywood…seems the best they do is piggy back on some best seller…and the best sellers themselves seem to lack originality these days 😦

  2. johnnycat says:

    exception to that rule this year will be The Road.

    Viggo Mortensen can do nothing short of rocking that song.

  3. Thank you for discussing Thank You, Swing Vote | The Litter Box.

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