Is Death Race A Disney Movie?

Because about halfway into this satisfying remake of balls out action and mayhem, there was a quiet scene.  Earlier, I had set my mostly expired nachos on the railing beside my head, and I heard the plastic crinkle just a tiny bit.  I started staring at the dish, the light from the screen flickering here and there, and something definitely moved, like there was a small hand trying to grab the nachos and scant cheez drips.  As I peered in closer, I caught the distinct shape of a mouse approaching the tasty morsels.

After I shooed him off, I took the container down and threw it away, then changed seats.  When I reported it to the 19 year old manager, who had previously not known what a #4 combo was…(Again), the look of disbelief was classic.  How nice; an afternoon at the movies with a mouse.


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