An Acute Parallel – “Heckler” and This Blog

A fascinating look at the bane of any comic’s existence, Heckler has more to offer than just analysis of Michael Richards’ meltdown.  Pretty much a spearhead of Jamie Kennedy, and his quest to find out why so many Internet “critics” hated not only his movie, Malibu’s Most Wanted, but seemed to have a seething hatred of the performer himself, this documentary finds interesting socio-psychological nuggets of truth in interesting places.

From bloggers, to the blog comment zone, to political speakers; no place is safe from the One With An Opinion.  I was totally impressed by the whole doc, and Kennedy even arranges filmed meetings with the critics who hate him.  Confrontation can be so real sometimes.  And the film clip of Roger Ebert’s contribution to film (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls) is a priceless example of how easy it is to be a critic.  I think there may be a deeper question that wasn’t answered to my satisfaction, though:

How much difference is there between the drunk at the back of a dark comedy club heckling the comic, and some kid in his underwear commenting “ur an idiot noob” on someone’s YouTube video?  Methinks none.

Speaking of YouTube – Here’s the preview that perfectly outlines the film.

BTW: if anyone can tell me what Jamie says at the end of that preview, you must tell me.


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