Murray Hamilton’s Horror


I mindlessly selected The Amityville Horror for my evening background ambience tonight, and immediately recognized Murray Hamilton in the opening credits.  I somewhow remember names like that, certain character actors that never made a household status with their names.  I’m nowhere near as good at many, though, and I’m sure there will soon be game shows based on that knowledge that I will suck at.  However, in case you’re wondering why the name sounds familiar, he was the mayor of Amity in Speilberg’s Jaws.  Here’s a great send-up of him from  YouTube that already garnered a comment in that post along the lines of my silly observation…

…which is that Mr. Hamilton soon appeared as another, similar character in the town of Amityville.  Here’s some classic Merv Griffin interviewing Rod Steiger (the best part of that movie), with the scene Murray’s in at about 3:50

He adds a lot to the scene that Steiger steals, but it’s the same damn character dressed like a priest.  And since his last film of notice after that was Brubaker, I think we have ourselves a onceling.  A Onceling is someone who will forever be known as that one character, which Murray did not once, but twice.  Perhaps more, if you look at his long resume before Jaws.  Hmm, great voice.


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