Happy 57th Birthday…Luke?

Wow.  Mark Hamill turns 57 this week.  He looks great, and I’m glad he’s free to be his own person now.  And all that.  But I gotta say, he inspired the hell out of me as Luke Skywalker in those days when going to see Star Wars was actually a thrilling experience, taking you places you’ve never even imagined before.  I’m 41 now, and have a love/hate relationship with the prequels, as I’m sure Mark does.  Here’s to the eternal greatness that is the original trilogy, and hope future parents will introduce them to their younglings before Episodes 1-3.  The way it should be seen by everyone.

Happy Birthday, Mark.  I’ll get you some power converters from Tasche Station, the ones you like.


3 Responses to Happy 57th Birthday…Luke?

  1. David Markham says:

    Good luck with that last bit. Kids watch the episodes in numerical order, as Lucas intends them to. They still love Star Wars and the story works better that way.

  2. johnnycat says:

    Not my kid. No way.

  3. uniquenikeshoes says:

    good luck everone.

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