AFI Does Top Tens

I used to have all kinds of top ten lists of movies, by genre, by musical score types, and by decades. AFI has released their “10 Top 10”, and I for one am mostly pleased with the results. The genres are Animation, Romantic Comedy, Western, Sports, Mystery, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Gangster, Courtroom Drama, and Epic.

One semantic point. “Fantasy” to me conjures up Lord of the Rings, sure (it was #2), but also things like Legend and Dragonslayer. To AFI, though, the definition is anything not scientifically possible. e.g. Groundhog Day or Big. (Wizard of Oz was #1 btw.)

I was thrilled to agree with the #1 pick for Sci-Fi, 2001: A Space Odyssey, just ahead of Star Wars. Ditto with the top 5 for Courtroom Drama, Gods I love that Boo Radley. Ditto for the top 5 Epics, especially Lawrence at #1. Loved the fact that Godfather and Godfather 2 were separately included in the awesome top 5 of Gangster flicks.

As for romantic comedy, I still haven’t seen Annie Hall. Not because I don’t like Allen, I do! It’s a kind of personal protest against the movie for winning Best Picture that year, when seriously- Star Wars should have won.

It was their choices in Western that really didn’t match my tastes. They got some of my favs in there, but they were way out of order. Like I have The Wild Bunch at #1, and they had it at #6. I hate The Searchers, which they pegged as numero uno. Elitist crap.

But the most perfect list on the show was definitely Mystery.

10. The Usual Suspects
9. Dial M For Murder
8. Blue Velvet
7. North By Northwest
6. The Maltese Facoln
5. The Third Man
4. Laura
3. Rear Window
2. Chinatown
1. Vertigo

Check the link for excerpts from the interviews of all kinds of participants in this crazy film world.


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