Paul Newman: 1925 – 2008

A nice NYT summary can be found here.

Also some nice outpouring of fondness from the commenters over at Neatorama.

I have hundreds of good memories of the man, too many favorite roles to really pick just one, or even make a list.  Even that movie he did with Robbie Benson was cool, because Paul was in it.  But for what it’s worth, my most special memory is of The Sting.  If I would recommend any Paul Newman movie to someone who’s never seen any of his films…this is where to start.


2 Responses to Paul Newman: 1925 – 2008

  1. movie fan says:

    it’s hard not to admire Paul Newman for putting his money to work in such productive ways, such as his Newman’s Own line–high quality stuff and the proceeds go to good causes… very smart.

  2. coffee fiend says:

    Paul Newman is a legend for his work in movies, and he’s a stud for all his work outside of movies

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