Movie Quote Trivia and Guess Movie By Plot

Ah, the 90s.  Technologically infantile, yet so full of future wonder.  In those tottering years, I became a big fan/reg for 2 great (now defunct) AOL chat rooms.  Movie Quote Trivia (MQT) was the first, and the reason I remember tonight these fond memories.  The game was frequently chaotic, but order was restored by the famous “Get one to give one” rule.  You give a quote, say “No one can eat 50 eggs.”  And whoever guesses Cool Hand Luke first wins.

For reasons unclear to me, other than evolution, MQT transformed into GMBP (Guess Movie By Plot).  This was a much more complicated game, as the “cluer” got to have fun giving out clues to the movie by being vague, yet dropping hints here and there.  I think the first Plot I ever saw went something like:

JalopyGrrl: Hud
Mysterio2113: Gallipoli
CalypsoTreat: johnnygothisgun
CrAzYfRozENCorPse: Star Wars!
Dune3Sea: wtg crazy

wtg meaning “way to go”, a meme that I still say today, and just like then people say “what’s wtg?”  We used to say things like “*something that starts with w* the goat” but that’s old now.  Anyway, then it would be Crazy’s turn to plot, and 96% of all plots started with the line, “There’s this guy”.  Soon the trend was to throw out Tron, Forrest Gump, Rocky, or whatever other cliche could be “this guy”.  Fun, good times.

I miss those people that were like friends.  They really were.  The regulars would all know each others’ birthday, and if that person showed up in the room on that day, all titles clued would have to be answered with the birthday boy/girl’s screen name/real name in it.  e.g. one of my roasts included the movie JFK, but it was awarded to someone who guessed JDK, because those are my intials.  There was also the Twister Clue.  A twister was when there would be two or more movies described at once, and the title would be a “twisting”, or a melding of those two or more titles, like The GodFather of the Bride of Frankenstein.

Anyways the reason I post tonight is because I found this cool widget on imdb that I never knew existed before.  MOVIE QUOTE SEARCH, that would give any MQT player an advantage, because to misquote is always a sin worth scorning.

But my passion always lied with quoting movies, like this little 21st Century puzzle.  What is this man saying?


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  1. Queen Linz Says says:

    I used to love GMBP. I don’t have aol anymore, and I was actually wondering if it was still on there. I was thinking of joining back up if it was. Have you found any other places to play?

    • tricia says:

      looking for anything like the one we played back then. please please please…..let me know if you find somewhere. I want to play again so badly. i would even start one up myself, if i knew where or how. any ideas or help you could provide would be much appreciated.
      For old times sake…”What kind of sick bi#%h steals the ice cube trays?”

  2. johnnycat says:

    As of that posting, no. Sorry Queen Linz, it seems to be lost to the roar of the new Internet. I suppose someone could set up a game via the many uses Web 2.0 gives us. podcast, anyone?

  3. Stephanie says:

    I just wanted to say that every now and then I still search for something similar to GMBP. It was the greatest time waster of all time wasters on the internet. I miss it so.

    • tricia says:

      found anything like it? do you know where or how we could get it going again?

      • JOANN says:

        tricia, I hope I can find all of you again, I was a daily fan of GMBP forever. Then I got very sick and no longer with AOL, but just seeing that some of you are still out there=plz let me know if the game is still on and count me in.

  4. Jenn2you says:

    Loved GMBP….ahhhh the 90’s 🙂 Calistonj would give me hell, Ballen3501…aww my Ba, Terri, EyeCandy, CallmeJeef, soooo many! Loved it! I am such a dork!

    • Cali says:


    • Spiritbro77 says:

      Wow, a real blast from the past. It’s Oscar night and I went looking for GMBP. Hello Jen, Hi Cali!
      I really miss GMBP. I’d sign back up for AOL to play.
      Last time I was there it was as dead as Dickens on a Friday night. Figured you can never go home. I hope all my old friend from the room are happy in life! Peace…

  5. tara2luvu2 says:

    I was a regular from 98 to 01. I remember some of the oldbies. Cali, evoka, ballen, jer, jason, z, and many many more. I tried tonight to pop in the room for the first time in years, and I dont see it on there. which saddens me a great deal. can someone tell me what became of the room, and the regs??

  6. RUDSTOMPER says:

    RUD will SMASH!!!!!!!!

  7. callmejeef says:

    i did pop into gmbp a few nights ago … as hjsimpzon (my callmejeef account is long gone). while there was no active game, gwenny was still holding the bolt!

    i clued don juan demarco, did a few chomp chomp chomps, chuckled, and went to bed. 🙂

    {S speedracer
    {S duckjob

  8. callmejeef says:

    oh and if anyone is REALLY desperate for a fix (er, ah, walk down memory lane) …

  9. Jenn2you says:

    Jeef! lol! Hilarious that we all fondly remember this….you on myspace? (myspace/facebook = the new online obsession) :::missing the 90’s GMPB obsession::: hah

  10. callmejeef says:

    no, actually, i’ve found myself avoiding facebook. having been an aoloholic, im scared to death of the new forms of online addiction. 🙂 i’ve immersed myself in my new wife (well, it still *feels* new!) and our new barnhouse:

    i do google oldtimers now and then. googling gmbp is what brought me here. i was surprised actually, at the number of different variations that have appeared. i’m not quite sure how to discribe how i felt when discovering you can order a teddy bear with a “guess bear by plot” t-shirt.

    “everybody wants one!” EVERYBODY???

    really, even as i type this in, i think to myself: “this has clearly crossed the border from reality into dreamland … and i shall soon wake up.”

    • PapaSeth says:

      Wow. I had completely forgotten about that night I stopped into work to grab something, wound up playing GMBP, and realized 6 hrs later my car was still running.

      Good to see some of the old names. Yeah, I googled it. I had a lot of fun in that room and made some friends that have lasted and will endure. 2 of which I’ve been able to see in the past few months, hope to see another one next week. I’m on Facebook…

  11. Jenn2you says:

    Jeff, your wife is very talented! Funny thing…I’m also a portrait photographer here in Palm Beach, FL. My site:

  12. Peyton says:

    wow! talk about a blast from the past. I was a reg from 97-2000? roughly. I had a gajillion screen names in there. I don’t remember any of the ones you mentioned. When were you a reg? Last time I talked to her Millicent was still going in there…did you know her?

  13. Trek30yrs says:

    I remember fondly the Guess Movies By Plot game…I’m pretty sure I was the first one to start every clue with “There’s this guy [girl]. He [She] has a problem.”

  14. Freedom says:

    🙂 I was a regular there, along with a friend of mine. We have a running game on our Facebook pages, just between the two of us. I remember Rud!! Rud will SMASH!! lol.. good times.

    • tricia says:

      facebook, huh? is there a way to get the same old game going on that? please somebody get one going again. I lived for everyone else in the house going to bed, and then getting on AOL and playing for hours. It fed my movie obsession, and let me mingle with others that appreciate and revel in movie knowledge!

  15. Ajaxfood says:


  16. Peyton says:

    OMG!!! a name I know. How are you????

  17. wolfmanyoda says:

    Wow man, I loved playing that game! I’d spend hours on there almost every night from ’98 to maybe ’01? So many great people were in there.
    It popped into my head so I googled it and came across this page.

  18. Man, got bored and googled GMBP and found this page. I was a GMBP reg for longer than I care to admit. In fact, the only one that I think preceded me was Homer/Jeef. I even met a few of you all at a “plot party”, including the girl above named “Tara2luv2.”

    But the highlight was seeing RUDSTOMPER who I am glad to see is still the same RUD that used to crack me up.

    Is there a place now where people still plot movies?

  19. Westsyd420 says:

    I was a member several years ago. Maybe some of you may remember me. I need help. i’m not as computer savvy as i once was. Send me mail at this address to help, thank you.

  20. CrzyKeL37 says:

    Ahh, LOVED that chat, I would spend hours upon hours in there. I was somewhat of a regular, tho not many probably remember me as I only mainly participated in the game. I would love to find a similar chat to pass some time, there are a TON of new movies to be guessed!

  21. johnnycat says:

    Just watched a great movie that was often quoted. Here’s a toss-out to those inclined to guess: “I need these cigarettes.”

  22. finnwitch says:

    Oh my goodness – Jeef, Jenn, Hyde, Rud. Thanks for a wee wave of nostalgia Johnnycat, been about 5 years since I saw any of those names from GMBP. Good times indeed – hope you’re all fine and dandy. I feel the urge to plot! Fx

  23. Finn!!! Hi! If anyone is on Facebook, look me up. Jennifer Sampson (west palm beach)

  24. Queen Linz says:

    I’m still missing GMBP! Haven’t found a replacement yet. Anyone that has an Iphone check out There are occasionally games on there, but more movie people are needed 🙂

  25. Cali says:

    OMG you guys… I can’t believe you guys have posting! It’s Calistonj! It’s been way too long. Almost a decade!

  26. finnwitch says:

    Cali! Jenn! It has indeed been far too long. It’s a testament to GMBP that everyone still feels so nostalgic for it – awww – good to see you. xx (And thanks to Johnny for starting to nostalg-fest).

  27. johnnycat says:

    No thanks necessary. It’s been an absolute BLAST seeing all the reunions here, when all I intended was to reminisce, myself.

  28. Promizz says:

    GMBP was the BEST!!!!

  29. John1462 says:

    Very nice site!

  30. Alhena88 says:

    This is awesome. I wonder how many people google “gmbp” in desperation, hoping to find that room again? So great to see some old familiar screen names on here. 🙂

  31. noaloha8 says:

    hi everyone! i miss the good ole days of plotting! i agree…great to see some familiar names! i was a “reg” from ’98ish-’01ish. I would pop in the room occasionally and no one would be talking! also, there were very few people in it. remember when it was impossible to get in?! you would just hold down the enter key?! hope everyone is doing great!

  32. YuckFouMlowBe says:

    Guess Movie By Plot was boring, I really…*sniff* feel…*sniff* that….*inaudible weeping*

  33. goonio/chris says:

    It was good seeing some of the old familiar names. good times! I just read something about AOL breaking away from Time Warner, and that made me think of the old gang at GMBP. Hope everyone is doing well!

  34. JLLo says:

    How funny to see some of the old names here … this is the old original JLLo, the name I had before some actress stole and modified my name to JLo.

    I left AOL in ’01 I think … but the years of 97-00 were a blast. I still see one person from GMBP often – SufiFalcon/Saulcoffin. She is still a very dear friend of mine, after all these years!

    When I heard about AOL trying to become a powerhouse of the internet again, it reminded me of GMBP. What a time waster, but such fun. Good times!

  35. Crabbaby says:

    I too was addicted to GMBP from 99 – 02, and also delayed the inevitable break from AOL cuz I loved that chat room. I remember going in there at 10 PM or so and before I knew it, it was 3AM and I was still into the game! Remember those days when the dial-up connection would go dead in the middle of a plot? When the room had 25 people in it and you would have to keep trying to get in until someone left? Low-tech days indeed. Good to see I’m not the only one with fond memories of those old chatroom days. It would be great if GMBP could be resurrected on FB or some other modern media. Happy New Year, y’all!

  36. Kage says:

    god, I used to love the old AOL chat, guess movie by plot….



    let’s all get together and re-create this. e-mail me: sinisterracer(at)

  37. KallingKtulu says:

    Anyone remember me? Let’s do it. Launch a chat applet NOW!!!!

    • Queen Linz Says says:

      Would a chat applet be iPhone friendly? Or does it use flash player?

      I would love to play again! Especially during these boring work hours 🙂

  38. BAllen3501 says:

    Jenn thanks for the link… WOW!!! There are some names on here I haven’t seen in years. I was addicted to GMBP for years. Met a lot of great people… Jenn, Cali, Z, JJones, LMY123, Evo, TFrybe, Tara… and the list goes on. I used to spend all night in that room. I remember my favorite plot… “There is this ship”… “Not Titanic”… WTG… The Poseidon Adventure. If anyone wants to get in touch email me (Still have the aol email). Until then ::Lying in the clueless hammock::

  39. Terri (TFrybe) says:

    HOLY CRAP (Jenn2, found it!)

    Ax, Cali, Jenn, TARA, BALLEN!, Noaloha!, FINNY, Peyton, Jeef!, holy crap.

    Man, nostalgia galore. Good to see all of you are still around ! 🙂

  40. Jenn (eponine180/silopodna) says:

    Oh. Holy. Hell. Funny how these names are still so familar after all these years! Hope everyone is doing well. 🙂

    I still remember being a n00b, before someone explained the joke to me, thinking that “I Love Anchovies” was an actual film. Honest to god, I almost went into my local video store to request it.

  41. Wow. My heart is racing! My life is so different now and all this is bring back A LOT. I dedicated SO many years of my life to that stinkin’ room (late 97 – 03?)and my fellow plotters. I kept up with a few people over the last decade plus, but I’ve recently reconnected with a bunch of Facebook and am so glad to see some of you on here as well. I still have all the stuff from the plot parties, including video (god help us all).
    Hope to hear from some of you soon!
    Don’t forget QUIZzical!

    • Spiritbro77 says:

      Amberlicious! How’s it going? Man I miss you guys!
      It’s Oscar night and I was just thinking of the Oscar parties on Yahoo. Googled GMBP and found my way to the past….. I hope you are doing well!

  42. Terri (TFrybe) says:

    Amber, ALL, I added a group on Facebook for us to all meet and greet again 🙂 Feel free to post up pics/vids of GMBP Gatherings!

    • wolfmanyoda says:

      Oh good grief, I’ve managed to avoid Facebook so far…must resist!

      • Terri says:

        Resistance is futile!

      • JOANN says:

        wolfman, your name sounds so familiar to me, I too, am not a facebooker, just someone who was into GMBP daily, we were a family, is it too late? My posting is 2012 and all the others are at least 2 years old. Let me know if we can go again. I sure do miss you all.

  43. DAFLASHG18 says:

    Sup all

  44. Carrie (BflyEyes) says:

    OMG. I was an addict for so long, and I finally found some group therapy. Now look what’s happened! IT’S ALL COMING BACK!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I cannot fall off the wagon!! Arrrrgh!

    So there was this guy…

    …and he falls ill with this incurable disease…

    …and he’s stuck in bed all day…

  45. GreenPoisn says:

    Wow! It is so good to just know you guys are all really out there. It was always so much fun, and one of the few places where I really meant it when I typed in ROTFLMAO. Definitely a good chapter in my life. Hope all are doing well! ~Holly~

  46. tricia says:

    used to play gmbp all the time. so miss it. three kids later, i would love to play again, but can’t find it anywhere. is there anything like it out there still? please let me know @

  47. tricia says:

    If there is not one like it, does anyone now where or how we could start another one. I don’t have the computer savvy to know where to even look. GMBP was one of my favorite things to do after everyone else was in bed, and I could enjoy time to myself. It was a great release, and a tether to my sanity…..four daughters under twelve and a counterpart that might as well be another child. Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

  48. SilEWabbit says:

    geez louis!! or maybe…geez luiza!! watch out mr. allnut. look at all of you guys. wow! GMBP is still on AOL but the game only happens on saturday usually. yeah, some of us are still in the dark ages. i wouldn’t know what a stinkin ipthingy is. i’m technically challenged. it is great seeing you guys have a place in your heart for the fond memories

  49. johnnycat says:

    Ah, SilE, so nice to see a familiar wabbit on this post!

  50. SilEWabbit says:

    Hiya JDK!!!

  51. SilEWabbit says:

    dang, i forgot to ask….I WANT ONE OF THE ANCHOVY SHIRTS!!! HAHA

  52. YuckFouMlowBe says:

    I like to think Gwendolyn777 is still sitting there lurking with the bolt.

  53. YuckFouMlowBe says:


  54. wolfmanyoda says:

    If anyone is interested, I’ve setup a quick, temporary chat site for GMBP:

    There’s no registration so if you want to play just type something in and then it will ask you for your age and what screen name you want to use.

    Since there’s no registration or login the screen names are on the honor system!

    It may be best to discuss a time that is good for a few people to get on there and try it out.


  55. AnonymousLamp says:

    I am AnonymousLamp. Also ShonenBatto, but whatever. I am Lamp.

  56. AnonymousLamp says:

    I love you too.

  57. Rick561970 says:

    Oh my God!

  58. Rick561970 says:

    Finny, Carrie, Erica (NoAloha), Calisto, Sufi, Randy, Jeef, Yoda, Jllo et al

    • NoAloha8 says:

      Hi ((((((Rick)))))))! Great to see that you found this board!!
      Are you on facebook? TFrybe started a group on it:

      Hope all is well!!

      • Rick561970 says:

        {{{Erica}}}}} Thanks for the web address. I just added GMBP as a Facebook friend. I’ve been doing great. I got married 2 weeks ago to a former GMBP plotter 🙂
        How are things with you?

    • johnnycat says:

      Always wonderful to hear stuff like that, Rick. GMBP was a great room, complete with a couch for people to get comfy on. Congrats on your marriage!

    • NoAloha8 says:

      Rick, congrats!!!!! That’s awesome! Welcome to married life! I also married a fellow plotter!!! We live in Wisconsin with our 2 year old daughter! Life is good, can’t complain! I miss good ole’ GMBP!

    • Carrie (BflyEyes) says:


  59. HBO says:

    Wow, I found this and I recognize some of the names. I was HBOSoprano/InvaderHBO. (98-02) I attended the Ft. Lauderdale GMBP party with my then girlfriend VicTy. I definatly remember Carrie, we went and saw Saving Silverman together. Also, I saw you on that Extenze commercial, don’t front.

  60. Rick561970 says:

    Carrrrrrrrrrrie! Yo yo. Sup, homie?!?

  61. Carrie (BflyEyes) says:

    NICK!! It was Alzare, not Extenze!!!! I still have your “nude” photo…lol. Did we see Saving Silverman together???? Yeah, I’m hard to forget with my mad thumb-microphone skillz. 🙂 How are you?

    Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrick Roll. How goes it?

  62. Carrie (BflyEyes) says:

    OH…and I need to know how to find you guys on Facebook (if you have and use and/or are addicted to Facebook…)!

  63. SilEWabbit says:

    Hi Carrie, nice to see another old face. Not that I’m calling you old My daughter told me they’re combining Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s gonna be called . Yeah, lame, I know. I can’t help ya, I wouldn’t know Facebook from Rearendbook but it’s certainly nice to know you guys are doing fine.

  64. MrDepraved says:

    Don’t make me cut you.

  65. fmfile says:

    Loved GMBP!!

  66. bond. jeef bond. says:

    man … this has attracted a ton of lost fools who google gmbp whilst pining for the fiords ….

    that i love anchovies tshirt. is that for real?!??

    ironically, where the major pizza place in taneytown, md is “No Achovies” Don’t worry. It’s just a marketing gimmick. They *do* sell anchovies!

    but i digest.

    a man … is ready … to die
    because his one true love
    has forsaken him
    but before his demise,
    in a blaze of glory …
    in mortal combat with don octavio ….

    he enters
    the hotel
    and notices ….
    a young lady
    as she waits
    for a man who she has come to realize
    will never

    sitting distractedly …
    at her table
    he approaches

    she laughs
    and inquires about his “costume”

    he introduces himself

    she laughs

    “There are some women ….
    finely featured ….
    with a curve to the neck
    like a shell from the sea.

    “These women have fingers …
    with the same sensitivities as their legs.

    “Touching the fingertip … is like tickling the toes…

    “Caressing the knuckle, is like touching the knee….

    “And touching the soft, fleshy part of the finger … is like running the hand over the thigh …

    “Finally … ” he says … as his lips brush between her fingers …

    WTG PapaSeth with Holy Poop My Cars Been Running Outside for 6 hours!!!!!!

  67. Johnny Cat says:

    wtg PapaSeth!

    that. was awesome.

  68. Me says:

    MissuhGolightly here. Wow.

    Just. Wow.

    Hi old pals!!!

  69. Mooseroast says:

    Wow. I searched Google Almighty for GMBP and landed here. I am truly saddened to find that it is gone, but like all good things…I guess I expected it. Sigh. For old times’ sake? There’s this guy, and he….

  70. Michael (JubofTello) says:

    Wow this takes me way back. GMBP was my first internet experience with a chat room way back in 1999-2000ish. I remember playing for many hours each night on my Toshiba computer that crashed 3 times a night and took up to 10 minutes to reboot (extra annoying when I was the one plotting). It was such a fun community, good people and vibrant conversation.

    Good times!

  71. Tess (TessKnows) says:

    I have great memories of GMBP … met many fine people during that time … married to one of them now 🙂
    Seemed like a more innocent time internet-wise.

    Nothing on the internet these days engages me as much as that old chat room did back then.

  72. PapaSeth says:

    Wow. I had completely forgotten about that night I stopped into work to grab something, wound up playing GMBP, and realized 6 hrs later my car was still running.

    Good to see some of the old names. Yeah, I googled it. I had a lot of fun in that room and made some friends that have lasted and will endure. 2 of which I’ve been able to see in the past few months, hope to see another one next week. I’m on Facebook…

  73. Johnny Cat says:

    That’s a great story, Seth. I can relate with the whole losing track of time thing.

  74. DarthFredo says:

    All your mothers are whores. That is all. JESUS CHRIST, THE NOSTALGIA!!!

    • AnonymousLamp says:

      No, Nick. Your mother is the whore, Nick. Goddamned whore son. How have you been? 😀

      • DarthFredo says:

        I’ve been aight. If you want to catch up, shoot me an email ( I guess the invitation is open to anyone, just don’t expect Lamp-level response times. Neener.

  75. AnonymousLamp says:

    I kick it with Wrathofzahn. You other people should check in too. Don’t be shy. Shy is so fuckin’ ugly.

  76. YeOldeLimelight says:

    Remember me (Lawyer Joe) from the GMBP days? I’m still friends with KennyZee98, Will, Karen and many others!

  77. xxdanloxx says:

    Im going to do it. This post is too long and there are too many people craving for a great time from the past. Anyone interested in lending me a hand coming up with a new GMBP. email me at

    • xxdanloxx says:

      I have a basic site set up at It has a chat room and as i see it that is all we need to start the game going again. Im working on more ideas to make everything better.

      • Nan says:

        What an amazing group…we are all missing each other! Some of us have found each other on facebook. All across the country there are people who have great love for each other!
        I was either Frew1ll or nkrn….or both

    • Bond. Jeef Bond. says:

      may God have mercy on your soul, Daniel … but it looks to me like it’ll work … EXCEPT for one thing. where was the freaking bolt? 🙂

      JUST when I thought I was free … they …. suck … me …….. back ……………. in ….

  78. AnonymousLamp says:

    I felt like I should add another comment for 2011. ❤

  79. Daila Holder says:

    I was a frequent visitor to !Game!Guessmoviebyplot in Talk City. Anyone remember it or ever visited there?

  80. The GMBP AOL game is still running. It’s currently under new ownership. We’re trying to get a good group going every Friday at 9pm PST. Anyone who wants to come on by, please do! We could use some of the old regulars back as well as any new blood.

  81. rockymtbob says:

    I miss me some GMBP.

  82. KNIVEL says:

    Hey folks, KNIVEL here. I see lots of familiar screen names!

  83. bullpenny says:

    My AOL name was ForgotComb and what can I say except… Holy crap. GMBP was a massive time suck and, at times, crazy fun. I met a lot of cool people. I remember almost all of you! No Aloha! Muffins!!!

    • NoAloha8 says:

      (((((((ForgotComb)))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!! I was wondering where you have been :o) Did you see that there is a group on Facebook? (That is if you are on FB!) So glad to see your name again!!! xoxo NoAloha8 (Erica)

    • Jenn Quinn says:

      Holy damn. Forgot!Jen, you probably don’t remember me, but I am forever indebted to you because, if I’m not mistaken, you introduced me to Jawbreaker’s “Accident Prone” late one night in chat, and it is, to this day, one of my very favourite songs. 🙂

  84. bullpenny says:

    Eponine, of course I remember you! From CT, right? You were always so friendly. Glad you enjoyed the song, even if it is rather depressing.

    I am not on FB but now I might have to get in on that.

    People here I remember: Jeef, KNIVEL… JubOfTello was one of my favorites, really really sweet and cool guy. DarthFredo, AnonLamp, BFly, PapaSeth!!! I think PapaSeth hosted me and another plotter one night??? Thanks so much for the hospitality!

    SilEWabbit on night shift, MrHyde, FinnWitch!, TFrye!! Calisto! Rick56789 or… EVOKA!! BAllen in NYC!! Everyone else!

    Was that enough exclamation points or what?

  85. Wow Jenny. You didn’t even mention your own sister…..Luckys1981! Ha! I wasted so many hours playing gmbp because of you. I totally sucked. That’s ok though, We had some rad road trips meeting some these folks!

  86. LLovingMom/AngelofthePines says:

    Wow, so many familiar names!

    Reading all the FB posts brought back so many memories of late nights and tired days.

    There IS plotting on Friday nights (thanks, OP8!).
    It’s great seeing the regs plotting like back in the old days.

  87. Gxgcjtmc says:

    The line’s engaged co gay kid vglu

  88. Xdrnsbwl says:

    I was made redundant two months ago preteen portal

  89. says:

    I loved playing this game. Definitely my favorite of all AOL chat rooms.

  90. Mel says:

    Hey y’all! I didn’t much get into GMBP, but I spent so many drunken nights in MQT, with a screen name that usually included “Pathos” in one form or another, my first being Pathos13. I don’t know if any of the old MQT crowd is still around, but would love to say hello if y’all know of any. 🙂

    Mel — Phoenix, AZ

    • JOANN says:

      MEL, seems like we are on the same page. Let me know if anyone else is ready to get back to plotting, it has been so long and i am not AOLing it these days, but I want my plotter family back.

      • JOANN says:

        i forgot my screen name, but I think joannp might have been it–whateve, I am ready and waiting

      • JOANN says:

        My reply shows PST, I am EST==1:04 in the AM, whateve, I don’t sleep much anyway, I would rather plot.

  91. JaredCA says:

    I don’t even know what made me think to google “MQT” but it brought me to this page. I was a reg from the mid to late 90’s. I think my username was JaredCA. The names I remember are catpee (who was hilarious), ILuvSunsets ( who’s real name was Dawn and she lived in Sonoma County). I met her a couple times. And of course BTowns1551 who ended up moving across the country to live with me for a time. We dated but things didn’t work out.

  92. Wyrlwynd says:

    Wow…just wow…was telling my daughter about the old days of AOL chatrooms and Googled GMBP for giggles..and well, wow…major smileys for me…Wyrlwynd (Marty) and even older back to the days of Goldstar7 and Goldstar23 checking in…nice to see many familiar names 🙂

    And not to make any one person feel left out by not mentioning that I remember you, I’m still going to do that :)…Hi Mel 🙂

  93. AnonymousLamp says:

    This is my 2012 comment, so yeah. Whatever, man.

  94. blank744 says:

    Holy fuckin nostalgia, batman. Semi-reg around ’00..I was like 12 at the time..damn. Wtg on warping my impressionable young mind =)

  95. TigerNightmare says:


  96. Anonymous says:

    my sister hannah, hbway, was a great fan of this room. she sadly has just passed away. she was way way cool.

  97. Anonymous says:

    i am john,

  98. AnonymousLamp says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. She was awesome.

    Hi, people.

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