Don’t Believe Everything You Read (Really)

Man did I get a wake up call this week.  I feel at once a gullible fool, and an enlightened being.

For 3+ years, I’ve been a huge fan, and regular reader of Snopes.  The Mikkelsons immediately struck me as kindred spirits with their fact-driven writing, with the most flairey bits penned by Barbara.  David’s pieces tend to be more hard fact, yet wonderful as well.  I have had a habit lately of sending my e-mail contacts links to snopes articles that responsibly refute their irresponsible fwd: fwd. 

It’s with this kind of thinking that I came across this article on Mental Floss that made me remember something I had read on Snopes long ago.  The article is about Mr. Ed, and while the Mental Floss post stated the horse was indeed a horse (of course), a commenter jogged my memory of Snopes dealing with the fact that Mr. Ed was actually a zebra.  Checking the link, it was confirmed.  But here’s where it gets interesting.

Click This To See The Mr. Ed Post

After reading that, click on the icon at the bottom that says “More Information About This Page”

and you’ll get this awesome explanation.

I really felt those warning bells go off, right up until the black/white vs color comparisons of how a zebra looks on tv showed the same picture of the Palomino.  Gotcha!  It’s a great message from a very intregal part of the new world, and they’re only two people.  Two very awesome people.  David and Barbara, Kudos, and Snope On!

Dont worry, Honey. The stripes are invisible in TV land!

Don't worry, Honey. The stripes are invisible in TV land!


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