The Glory of Agency

WTF, Duchovny?

WTF, Duchovny?


I guess the reason a new X-Files movie was even made was for three reasons:

1. David Duchovny’s agent
2. Gillian Anderson’s agent
3. Amanda Peet’s agent.

I’m sure they all got together with Fox exec shades, and hammered out a skeleton crew of cheap labor, and came up with this cubicle garbage can full of Chris Carter’s vomit.  I swear to gods, I’d rather see this abominable footage than what I just saw, had I the choice. 

The show had a good run, and we all gave up solidly years ago.  Let it go, Chris.  Don’t be like the LOST guys: If you build it, they will come, even if it doesn’t make any sense.  That’s teh Fail attitude, and to drag these characters back through the same boring territory (I’m a doctor, Mulder!; My sister, my sister, waaaa!; Maybe we should sleep together!) is just insulting to all intelligence that was once vested in these pretend people.  Gah, it’s soap opera syndrome.


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