Made In Oregon Controversy


The classic waterfront sign that just about everyone sees when they glide through the City of Roses is getting a lot of attention lately.  Pictured above is the time honored tradition of adding a red light to the deer’s nose during December.  I remember when it used to say White Stag, but it goes back to even before I moved here in 1973.

Now, the University of Oregon wants to put its name where it says “Made In Oregon” and I am one of many who oppose this crazy shit.  It’s really amazing to me the economic weight Universities have these days, and this is an example of grandstanding.  It’s thoughtless and patronizing to members of the many colleges this state proudly offers, and the teeming masses that don’t really care one way or the other. 

Me, I think if they change the wording (script must remain the same, by law), it should be the ubiquitous and wonderful “Keep Portland Weird.”


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