Sci-Fi Channel Continues Policy of Non-Sci-Fi


Tonight’s movie on the Science Fiction Channel is called Shark In Venice. As you might imagine, it’s about a shark terroizing the quaint and wonderful city of Venice.  Seriously.  I can almost imagine the meeting at the sci-fi headquarters:

Suit #1: We should create a movie where there’s a shark terrorizing a tourist trap.
Suit #2: I think they already did that.  I think it was in New York.
Suit # 1: Exactly!  We should do a shark terrorizing something like Hawaii.  That’s hot!
Suit #3: It should be more of a worldwide tourist trap.  Where should we do this science fiction masterpiece?
Stephen Baldwin: (huge bong rip…let’s it out) You guys should make it in Venice, and have mobsters and I’ll play an altruistic mob informant as a backstory.  (cough cough) It’ll be great.

Eat Your Heart Out, Roy Scheider

Eat Your Heart Out, Roy Scheider


This is another rant of mine against the scorn that is the Sci-Fi Channel, and their lack of science fiction programming.  On a lighter note, they did show a nice scene from the final episodes to come of Battlestar.  But then again, I’m not putting too much faith in that, either.  I’m pretty sure they’re calling it Battlestar Galactica: The Final Frontier.  Please.  Let’s not forget this is a network that is a failure when it comes to any kind of allegiance to Star Trek.


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