Wintery Precipitation

Sled Abuse

Sled Abuse

 Well, the weather men and women of this world are really challenged these days.  An ARCTIC BLAST that was supposed to cripple this town today was a joke.  It was tough in elevated areas, but they kept ringing that alarm bell, and I went home early, preparing to hunker down for something that not only didn’t happen, it actually warmed up a little.  Most hilarious quotes on how the weather might be tonight include, “Expect some wintery precipitation” and “Liquid rain.”  I’m not shitting you, he said liquid rain.


One Response to Wintery Precipitation

  1. Evilbeagle says:

    LOL! Liquid rain!

    I had to comment on this because that’s the type of thing that happens to us all the time. We are told to prepare for Arctic blasts, wintery showers, and all sorts, and then it snows everywhere else on this island except for where I live. Coming from Texas, I might be the only person in England that acts like an 8 year old about the idea of snow.

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