Die, 2008, Die.

I’m sure the economic crisis is overblown, as evidenced by all the joblessness, foreclosures, and government waste that made this year suck.  I want to kick this year.  I want to kick it like I want to kick a LEGO sculpture of Elvis.  In honor of killing this year, here’s some of my thoughts on the top four deaths this year.  These people were like me in many esoteric ways.

Charlton Heston
GOD.  Moses.  The guy Michael Moore went too far with. A gentleman of Hollywood, and a gentle soul. 

Paul Newman
The suave ladies man that saved everything for one woman; the philanthropic, life-loving, entrepreneur.  The guy who knew from the get-go that life is all about the journey, not the destination.  I have a special place in my heart for this one.  Thanks, Paul.  Here’s some of his magic…not his hands (obviously), but the eyes.

George Carlin
I have loved this man’s work since I first heard him.  From the immortal 7 Words to the God Does Not Exist, and despite a chagrined attitude, the dude had a rhythm to his comedy act that made him a unique and respected member of this species.

Heath Ledger
Not since River Phoenix has the Hollywood machine lost such a burgeoning young talent.  I’m personally disappointed that all the press lines about his cause of death just simply say, “Drug overdose.”
It was accidental.  Accidental Overdose should be a big buzzword in Hollywood, I’d think.  

There were many other preaching souls who left this realm this year, like-
Roy Scheider
Arthur C. Clarke
Harvey Korman
Dick Martin
Yves Saint Lauren
Bo Diddley
Bernie Mac
Estelle Getty
Suzanne Pleshette
Isaac Hayes
Mr. Blackwell
Michael Crichton
David Foster Wallace

and, of course, Mr. Randy Pausch (The Last Lecture guy).  We’re still dreaming, Randy.


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