From George To Barack

"Dear 44, Good luck, G"
“Dear 44, Good luck, G”

I just have to point out that the guy I voted for in 2000 left a seemingly, potentially awesome letter on the Resolute Desk for the guy I voted for this year.  That’s a complete knight-move.  As opposed to a dick-move.  I mean this guy was there eight years.  Compared to what he was met with upon entering office, I’d have to say the guy still has my sympathies for his inherent thoughtfulness. 

Yeah sure, he made a whole mess of things, but I always got the sense that he meant well.  It’s a testament to politics in general, though, when an outgoing President makes such a gesture.  I just wonder, as we all must, what was in that letter. 
Directions to the President’s Book?
Directions on how to work the DVR in the bedroom?
His personal strategy on how to solve the “Rubit’s” Cube?

Time will tell.  But in the mean time, it’s pretty freakin cool.


2 Responses to From George To Barack

  1. zav says:

    Meaning well does not make up for being massively incompetent.

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