Black Sunday


I can’t believe YouTube has zero video of this classic 70s example of needless catastrophe movies.  The Towering Inferno and Earthquake, sure they merit.  But do they have Robert Shaw?  How about Bruce Dern?  No, and no.  Some interesting trivia:

This John Frankenheimer thriller is heavily edited.  The average shot length = 5.3 seconds.

Also, Frankenheimer and Goodyear had a business relationship.  They got product placement (natch), but they required there to be nothing in the story involving any blimp-related deaths.  They were particular about the propellers not making mincemeat out of football fans.

And, the game they filmed, with cameras disguised with CBS logos, was Super Bowl X.  The MVP winning play by Lynn Swann can be seen from a behind-the-goal-line shot.

I haven’t seen this thing for a long time, and I wonder if I ever might stumble upon it.

UPDATE 2012! YouTube has the stunning blimp action sequence from this 70’s flaccid classic:

Trivia imdb, photo via Imp Awards


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