Misplaced Applause

There seems to be some new craze afoot at the theater these days.  Some people apparently think they’re at The Theatre.  At screenings of WALL*E, The Dark Knight, and Tropic Thunder this year, at least one audience member attempted to seduce us all into a standing ovation.  Oddly appropriate: When the final, technical credits card rolled in Slumdog Millionaire, there was no applause.

Hey there, Mr. and Mrs. Movielover.  It’s not a play.  The players and producers aren’t there to receive your applause.

Stop it.

If you liked the movie, tell your friends.  Don’t tell me.  Don’t distract from the art by making it about yourself.  You would look as goofy if you applauded in front of the Mona Lisa, trying to get the others to agree with you, and feed your ego.


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