The Top Five Schoolbus Drivers in Film

I have very fond memories of my bus driver, that Ferryman of the young to their sad destinies of division and grammar.  I’m pretty sure mine was a full-blown deadhead stoner when he wasn’t at work, but things change…

There have been a lot of movies that flash up that golden badge of pre-teen territory, The School Bus, everything from Sixteen Candles to The Road Warrior.  But these five examples of that completely idiomatic role of Driver, they inspire. The list is from least to most appealing.

1. The Joker – The Dark Knight 

Who’d want to wind up with this guy as your ride home?  Really.  I’ll suppose everyone has seen the opening scene to TDK, so I’ll just share this little scene that was cut with director commentary involving the other schoolbus scene.


2. Ms. Crabtree – South Park

I knew kids who rode Mrs. Green’s bus, and she was very close to Veronica Crabtree in two distinct ways.  Her hair was so frizzy and unkempt, a bird could have easily nested in there.  And, she’d always be asking the kids about their conversations, clearly looking to bust someone for swearing or whatever.

3. Chris Farley – Billy Madison

Poor guy just picked the wrong dead end job.

4. Dolores – The Sweet Hereafter

Poor Dolores.  The snap happiest person in quintessential smalltown, instantly draped in tragedy and guilt.  If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you check it out.  Although her actions may have gotten her quarry killed, the heart knows she’s no monster.  Her story is sad, but I love the resolution and end of the movie, seen here.  Spoiler Alert, duh.

5. Freddy Kreuger – Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

Why is this the final one, over tenderhearted Dolores?  And where’s Forrest Gump’s driver, you ask?  Well, in all honesty…this would be freakkin’ awesome.


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