Bad Religion

Praise FSM!

Praise FSM!

Re-Engineering Fundamentalism is one of the most intriguing things I’ve ever read, particularly for the intelligent discussion that follows on this Boing Boing post by guest blogger Paul Spinrad.  Paul is a special kind of Christian, one who is looking for a new, human, forward-thinking faith to take over the dying throne of Old-Myth style religion.  Some highlights:


*much of human experience consists of irrational or pre-rational emotions and yearnings that can be constructively channeled in religious/mythological frameworks. The key is constructing frameworks that are risilient enough to provide security but flexible enough to adapt to a ceaselessly changing universe.

*As the Tibetan Book of the Dead makes clear, any gods or demons you see are fabrications of your own mind; once you realize this, you will be liberated from them.

*Religion is NOT either Literally True or Useless. Instead, it tells us about our own deepest fears, hopes, and aspirations, and gives us a means for working through our irrational problems and making sense of them. As long as religion is introverted and subjective, it can be immensely useful.

* Even Christianity is subconsciously steeped in the dichotomy, with death-and-resurrection at its mythological core. The universe is bigger than your personal self, which dies and changes forms, but guess what? You’re still a part of it all, you magnificent bag of goo, you.

Soul Carrier

Soul Carrier






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