My Top Five Moments In The Empire Strikes Back

I figure I might as well make some kind of homage to this chapter of the Star Wars anthology, seeing as it’s my personal favorite.  This is mostly due to the excitement I felt at 13 years old of the prospect of such a thing as a sequel to a movie I loved.  But it’s also due to the darkness of the chapter.  For a lot of years I resisted the urgings of Kevin Smith, and stuck by my original love for A New Hope.  But there has to be a compromise; for now, I’ll just list my top 5 moments in ESB.

5. Yoda Reveals Himself.  

It was unbelievable how gullible audiences were back then.  We never thought he was a Jedi until he started scorning Luke.

4. Yoda Raises The X-Wing
  I don’t believe it…..that is why you fail.

3. R2D2 Is Awesome.  Just check out this clip to sum it all up. 

2. Asteroids!

1. Luke vs. Vader:  Check out the whole fight, re-edited as one.


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