I really appreciate all the love the Internets have been showing for Spacebat.  People can be cool.  Sometimes.  


2 Responses to Spacebat

  1. bats :[ says:

    That beautiful little bat in the video (the blondish one) is a pallid bat. It is a fierce hunter from the southwestern U.S., going after centipedes and scorpions. All bats are pretty tough critters, and it’s cool (in a strange way) that SpaceBat got so many folks involved in bats and in the space program, two things that are often overlooked or ignored unless Something Bad happens.
    Gosh, what a great site! SpaceBat AND The Empire Strikes Back AND the cute tuxedo cat on your banner. Life is good!

  2. johnnycat says:

    I am partial to fruit bats, but all bats are beautiful to me! 🙂

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