Under Blood Red Skies


The whole PG-13 rating decision had me turned off to Terminator Salvation, but now reviews are pouring in that it may actaully still have promise.  I understand they are introducing a young Kyle Reese, which makes me certain there’ll be at least one more movie as Reese takes the time travel plunge in the final chapter.

From the previews and artwork I’ve seen, and given that the director is music video master, McG, I wonder if they considered Judas Priest’s song, “Blood Red Skies” as a soundtrack item.  I can totally see it as final credits music.  Check it out here, and come back to tell me I’m wrong.


One Response to Under Blood Red Skies

  1. johnnycat says:

    See? Nobody came back to tell me I’m wrong. So I am right. Let’s all sing and drink Kool Aid.

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