Del Toro Does Deadman?

Guillermo Del Toro, auteur of so many wonderful films, like Pan’s Labyrinth, is my favorite krazy director/producer.  His upcoming projects make me salivate, like Bag of Bones, the Stephen King hauntfest from years back, to adaptations of Frankenstein, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, to whatever the hell “Drood” is.

But in light of all the hoopla surrounding Disney taking over Marvel, I’m particularly excited about Del Toro’s interest in a little-known DC comic called Deadman.  It’s about a circus performer who is murdered during one of his stunts, but is blessed with the ability to “possess the bodies of those around him.”  After the much-deserved success of The Dark Knight, I do believe DC will see a surge in artistic application, and rise above the Mouse triumphantly soon.  The truth is, we’ll have to see what DC does with Del Toro’s limitless talent.

Check It Out.

Oh, and on a side note, I think Guillermo would be a great cat name.


2 Responses to Del Toro Does Deadman?

  1. Sandy Scotto says:

    yup except how do you pronounce it???

  2. johnnycat says:

    Hard G… GEE AIR MOE

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