Remakes Rule The Box Office

Some movies from the past could use an update, a polishing here, a plot kink there.  Some fine tuning would work to improve on them.  This is not the case 99% of the time.  This is because 99% of the movies worth remaking (i.e. getting asses in the seats to see them) were already good movies in the first place, and still succeed in entertaining new audiences on Blu-Ray today.  One title, however, seems to fall in the 1% of necessary re-tooling, and it opens next year.


That’s Terminator Salvation‘s Sam Worthington as Perseus in the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans. And as much as I adored the original for it’s groovy special effects, I could go for a new version, one that’s maybe a little easier to follow, plotwise.  The effects are sure to be excellent, anyway, and lookie here- Liam Neeson plays Zeus, and Ralph Fiennes, Hades.  Winner-potential.

Another project supposedly being hammered out is a live version of Akira, which I think could be fantastic.  And thankfully some remakes I’d heard about are either dead rumors, or failed starts, like The Last Starfighter, The Evil Dead, Conan the Barbarian, and The Breakfast Club.

However, I must frown on the imDb confirmed “in production” crap-fests awaiting us.  In 2010, look out for The Thing (a remake of one of the best remakes in history), & The Birds (No!!).  2011 looms with Escape From New York, and Westworld, while they plan to spit in the face of classic cinema in 2012 with The Dirty Dozen.

It’s really a tired (yet true) idiom of Hollywood running out of ideas faster than the speed of light.  I’m still reeling over the new Nightmare on Elm Street camp.  And I actually wouldn’t mind a remake of some old movies that could use a tune-up.  Farenheit 451 comes to mind, but then again, so does Speed Racer.


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