Kingdom of the Spiders



The DVD release of William Shatner’s first movie (that I recall)* comes out on January 19, 2010.  From ArrowInTheHead‘s Ammon Gilbert:

That’s right bitches, it’s mothaf*ckin’ William Shatner in the house, fighting not just one spider, not just two spiders, but an entire kingdom of spiders!!! Only Shatner and his giant burning dong can save the day from all these damn, dirty spiders. This job smells of so much awesomeness that I can’t even believe I’ve never seen it before. Prepare to get Shatnified this January.

If I recall correctly, it wasn’t a very good movie.  But then again, Shatner.  And his character’s name is Dr. Robert “Rack” Hansen.  Awesome.

*Wrong!  After posting, I looked him up, and that honor goes to some horror film called Impulse.  Also interesting is how many TV shows he guest starred on.  The Six Million Dollar Man?  Wow.


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