We Were Once A Fairytale


“We Were Once A Fairytale” – Kanye West Dir: Spike Jonze from Yooj‽ – Recording Live From No on Vimeo.

I’m not sure of many aspects of this short film by Spike Jonze, starring uber-annoying celebrity Kanye West.  I’m not sure why Spike made it, cast West, chose a setting like this, and why it’s kind of hard to watch.  I do know one thing: it’s good.  Again, parts are kind of rough.  The payoff is amazing, though, and oh so very Spike Jonze.

One other thing I’m not sure of, as Twisted Sifter pointed out – how long will this video even be up?

Update: Six hours later and the query is answered.  It’s been removed.  But still up at the Twisted Sifter link above.


One Response to We Were Once A Fairytale

  1. Rachello says:

    Crap. Missed it?

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