International Heavy Metal

Here’s a snip from Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas:

In truth, talking to members of Journey doesn’t interest me that much; I much prefer chatting with my Croatian waiter, as he seems to know a great deal about international politics and international heavy metal.  He bristles when I tell him I like KISS.  “Oof,” guffaws Zeljko.  “That is only show! ‘I was made for loving you’?  Oof.  That is no rock.  AC/DC is rock, but only from Bon Scott era, and maybe on Back in Black.  Saxon, Judas Priest, these are the rock bands.”

Zeljko works on this Carnival cruise line because Serbians bombed his house during the ’90s.  Now he supports his wife and kids by refilling my glass with ice water and sending his paycheck across the Atlantic.  This makes me so depressed that I briefly consider buying some Saxon records.


One Response to International Heavy Metal

  1. lol nice find. I read this book last summer on a road trip. Great light read, I enjoy his writing style. It would be funny to see all those goths at Disneyland

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