Crazy Busy

Listen: Keep the Customer Satisfied

Wow, what a trip.  Usually it’s slow this time of year in real estate, but I have sellers whose house will sell soon, and they need to buy as well.  That, plus the ever-hectic desk job is demanding a lot of my time.  I do get to insert some blogtime into my day whenever it slows down, and it’s cathartic.

The Coolest Ambigram Ever

And then there’s the awesome pleasure that comes from being an author on Neatorama, which is one of the greatest things that have happened this year.  I thoroughly enjoy contributing, and Alex is such a cool guy.  Hats off!  It’s also magnificent to see the return hat-tips and visits by other blogs I admire… what’s up, Twisted Sifter?  Rock on.

Adding insult and mystery to a challenging and stressful day, I inexplicably lost $60 today.  Strangely, I placed four 20s in my coat pocket at lunch, and the next time I pulled them out, there was only one.  Fail!  Oh well, at least the iPod for Lex was only $75, and I was prepared to pay 175.  So, Win!

So yeah pretty crazy.  Not a lot of time to watch movies anymore, but (with the exception of Mad Men) I don’t miss my cable TV much.

More To Come…


5 Responses to Crazy Busy

  1. Ahoy hoy Johnny Cat! So flattered to hear you are enjoying some of the articles on my site.

    Thanks for the motivation, i shall keep on a rockin’

    Totally hear you on the day-job getting in the way of what we love most, sharing content! If only blogging was my day job sigh.

    ditto on the cable tv front. besides dexter, curb, and live sports, i haven’t watched any tv/movies at all 😦

    if you had the time to watch one movie this month, what would it be?

  2. johnnycat says:

    Easy: Moon starring Sam Rockwell. I’ve heard such great things, and it really sounds up my alley. Looks good, too

    As far as watching something old I need to see, that would be Metropolis. And in the want to see again category: In the Heat of the Night (for the third time).

    • A little embarrassed to admit I have not seen any of those! Just watched the trailer for Moon, looks quite interesting, I might have to check that one out!

      Looking at IMDB, are you talking about Metropolis from 1927? If so, I love the poster design.

      As for HotN, the only Poitier movie I’ve seen is ‘To Sir…’

      I did watch True Romance again recently, and was a little disappointed the second time watching. Considering the cast, they could have done so much more! Walken / Hopper scene is still classic though.

      • johnnycat says:

        True Romance suffered from NOT being directed by Tarantino, the driving force of the script. Walken/Hopper scene is so there, though, and Gandolfini was good. But the whole of the movie stunk of Hollywood bullshit from time to time. Just not a solid, perfect story, IMHO.

  3. johnnycat says:

    Although I do love a non-perfect story. That’s how life is, let’s face it!

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