I Gotta Call My Travel Agent

YouTube Link

There’s no way I’m going to Cloud City now.  It’s Dagobah all the way, dude!

I think Andrew Zilch did a great job with this.  I really do.  Original and good reference material.  My only objection is the bleeps; hell, even South Park nipped that [bleep] in the bud.  Aw, man!  Seriously, though.  YouTube doesn’t care if you use naughty words like shit, ass and motherfucker.  It’s the Internet.  They’ll let you get away with anything but nudity.  Swearing’s fine, so is death and violence.  I won’t link to any, but there are lots of videos out there depicting humans getting killed.  If that’s okay, then I think words will get a pass, too.

Anyway, wasn’t that clip just a knee-slapper?  Yuk yuk.  Ahhhh, I need a nap.


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