What I Learned by Watching “Up”

Up hit a lot of nails squarely on the head: heartfelt, funny, magical, exhilarating, etc.  But I left the movie with three lessons learned that will forever be associated with it.

  • Wives should put ties on their husbands every day.
  • The “Cone of Shame” is an absolute and true euphemism.
  • South America is really fucking weird.

It’s a decent Pixar effort, though.  Lots of fun for us adults as well as eye candy for the kiddos.


3 Responses to What I Learned by Watching “Up”

  1. johnnycat says:

    I finally found out who voiced the old man, and it had been nagging at me the whole movie: Ed Asner.

    • Mcdowell says:

      Here in Brazil, the came out with a great idea. The guy who voiced the old man in portuguese is one of the main brazilian humorist which by the way is old too. A great result!

      Hey, South America is NOT fucking weird. Really!

  2. johnnycat says:

    I know it’s not. I have been to your fair country, and it was beautiful. Interesting tidbit there, thanks!

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