Even Glenn Beck Knows

via Buzzfeed.

I usually don’t post political stuff, but I think the blogosphere could do with more vetting of this terrible lie, this Sarah Palin person who calls herself a leader.  The more she speaks, the more she comes across as someone trying to make money from politics, and really doesn’t have a patriotic bone in her body.  It’s like she just keeps talking until she can form a talking point, and even Über-douche Glenn Beck calls bullshit.  Classic.

Just to elaborate, I would classify this as an art post.  Because even bad art is art.  Can we just deconstruct the Palin mystique for one second?  Her handlers are propping her up, writing Facebook updates, getting her ensconced in the Fox News galaxy in order to put her in a political orbit around the glorious year 2012.  From there, they will test the waters for a Presidential bid, and for those of us who find that frightening, it’s like a clarion call to get the word out.  We can’t ignore her, in hopes she’ll just go away.  We have to expose her for the fraud that she is, the quitter that she is, and the fact that the only reason she is famous is because every Republican male (and many other males) find her physically attractive.

Carry on.


One Response to Even Glenn Beck Knows

  1. John says:

    I’m not sure how I would answer the question — especially under time pressure. There are so many wonderful choices.

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