Non-Perigee Moon Photos

Last Friday night, the sky here was filled with thick cloud cover, so I missed the biggest, brightest full moon we’ll see for a long time.  The Perigee Moon was 14% larger than normal, and 30% brighter.  Naturally, photogs from around the world went to work with filters, telephotos, and a good dose of imagination.  While I’ll find those offerings and post them later, The Christain Science Monitor does have some beauties of Luna to share.

Qi Heng

This was actually taken earlier last month in Los Angeles the night of a “Blue Moon.”  It’s been a busy month for our suave satellite.

Suzanne Plunkett

This was taken in London, same night as the last one.

Ian Martens

Nice use of telephoto here; taken in late 2008.

Efrem Lukatsky

The lunar eclipse casts sublime glows over Kiev, Ukraine in 2004.


One Response to Non-Perigee Moon Photos

  1. kseverny says:

    wow. all of these shots are truly breathtaking

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