The new phenomenon that is sweeping the intertubes has a very basic concept, with a huge potential for inter-connectivity.  Yeah, I know from what I have read that Chatroulette is vastly populated by genitalia, and therefore I am going to refrain from trying it myself… for now.  There is another side to it, too.  Creativity, humor, art and music.  The platform is simple: plug in your webcam, go to the website, and see who else is out there for an impromptu video chat.  You can click away from anyone at any time and be redirected to another random stranger.

This is one of many fascinating examples of usage via Buzzfeed, where these guys had a little fun with the interface.  Here‘s a short blurb and video about the young Russian student, Andrey Ternovsky, who created ChatRoulette.

Ternovsky tells RT that he thought the site would get less respect from potential users if they knew it was created by one guy rather than a more sophisticated software company.

Another screenshot showing two strangers meeting.

And this example of a French band getting to perform to a bunch of strangers on a spontaneous platform such as this is outstanding.

(YouTube Link)

“Like in gambling, you take risks.  You may win, and get something interesting; or you may see something bad.  Well, you can always click Next, and try again.” -Andrey Ternovsky

2 Responses to ChatRoulette

  1. Penny says:

    Using shed people you wish to enjoy somewhat tighter-than them, and incredibly limited players you need
    to enjoy somewhat loose than them.

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