Go Ahead, Make My Day

I have three film related interpretations of the Sheriff’s officer I encountered today.  But first, the story.  The newly bloomed sky of blue and sunshine goodness brought pretty much every living soul out of their caves today, and a great deal headed for the tourist trap (but always awesome) Multnomah Falls.  You can see the beautiful falls in the Wiki Commons shot above.  I had conjured this idea yesterday, and when we arrived today it was chaos.  I ended up making a rash decision to park in the red zone, like many others already had, next to a place that was reserved for motor homes and people had parked two deep in those reserved spaces.  It was insane.

Then, after the hike and as we we descend, I can see my car far far below, all other cars now gone, and a rectangular speck of white on the driver’s side windshield wiper.  Shit.  When we get down, it turns out to be a WARNING, but this guy is there, waiting and he says, “So! It’s your lucky day!”  Then proceeds to lecture me about parking in a fire lane which is ridiculous when you think about it (are the falls going to catch on fire?).  First of all, he looks like Buford T Justice.

Next Up:  Dirty Harry

Sheriff’s Officer: I know what you’re wondering.  Is that a parking ticket, or just a warning?  Well, seeing as how you parked illegally makes me wonder too.  Do you feel lucky?  Well, do ya, punk?

And lastly, I could just see him as the warden from Cool Hand Luke telling me that what we’ve got here is a failure.  Of communication?  Nah.  Of traffic control?  Yes.


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