Catman (and Compassions)

Um, Christopher Nolan? Could you please make this a reality? Found at the most wonderful comic book blog, Compassions, in which I whole-heartedly agree with her opinion on the news that Chris Evans (The Torch in The Fantastic Four) has agreed to star as Captain America:

i’m not even a marvel fan and i know this is wrong. you can’t have the same fucking actor play two heros from the same universe. thats fucking stupid.

They must be playing by JJ Abrams rules where you can just use alternate realities.

It’s still a slap in the face to cast this guy as the Captain.

I’ve seen other actors who seemed to have their choice of roles ahead of them… they just stop showing up in movies, and this dude survives the technical failure that was the F4 movies?

Aye, no.


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