Liam Neeson’s Omnipresence in Movies

It seems like the best actors eventually get to play the Devil or God at some point, and while he’s played a saint, a martyr, and a, er,  martyr before, Liam Neeson will dominate this weekend’s box office as the Old School God, Zeus. When he’s done releasing the Kraken, we can take a look at his resume, and see that he’s been contributing his craft quite nicely throughout the years.

It’s interesting to note that the story of The Bounty was never written as a work of fiction. Neeson‘s portrayal of the typical rebellious crewman is based on nothing but his gut instincts, and he portrays his character as if we were reading him in a classic work of literature. While he’s about as clueless as Hank Johnson, he still embodies the core elements of what it’s like to be a frustrated dude on a voyage.

He’s about to portray LBJ in Selma, but don’t forget: He was also in Krull, which is available to watch on YouTube.


But what is the Liam mystique? Is it his beady eyes that communicate so much in a beady stare? Is it his perfect elocution? Maybe it’s his humility combined with a mixture of all that I’ve mentioned. The truth is, he’s a professional. No two ways about it. He’s one of the greats because he’s an artisan.

By the way, if you haven’t clicked that Kraken link, release it now.


4 Responses to Liam Neeson’s Omnipresence in Movies

  1. جلال ملك العالم says:

    Liam Neeson is the man, because with that humility he demands that you listen intently. He is a sage among actors.

  2. John says:

    Although it’s known as a flop, I simply loved Krull. It was a lovely script. Neeson played a rogue and mercenary who had a wife in every village. “Ah, Pebble, now — faithful is my middle name,” he said to one.

  3. johnnycat says:

    John- I was also a huge fan of Krull when it was on HBO. “Slayers!” will always be my go-to phrase for warning friends of undesirables, and I have forever loved the spooky blind guy, the cyclops dude, and that British actor that we used to make fun of, the one who tries to make every single line a piece of vocal art.

  4. johnnycat says:

    Your Mom’s a sage among actors 🙂

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