Dazed and Confused – Raw

Led Zeppelin’s song “Dazed and Confused” is the epitome of the heavy metal arena song of olde. The studio version was my introduction to the band, and I’ll never forget walking across the school football field after dark, boombox in hand, as those first eerie notes echoed around us.

And then, the live version on The Song Remains the Same Soundtrack truly made me appreciate the talents of Jimmy Page. Well, BoingBoing points us to this video of the earliest known recording of the boys doing Dazed and Confused at some Spokane, WA (!) show. It’s just as epic (albiet not as sonic and crisp) as the other versions, and a reminder of the wonderful thing that is/was Led Zeppelin.

(YouTube Link)

tomyman’s got a whole set of ’em here.


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