Chuck Klosterman on Whitesnake

I’ve been immersing myself in the 80s and 90s with Chuck Klosterman’s epic, Fargo Rock City.  I usually don’t like to just post quoted material, but this stuff can’t be summarized without extensive quoting anyway. For instance, this is exactly how I remember Whitesnake’s rise to power.

Their biggest hit (and their only No. 1 single) was “Here I Go Again.” This song is interesting for a couple of reasons, but mostly for its video. Though the lyrics of the song are about forging one’s own path and being a loner, the director of the video interpreted the song far differently: He seemed to think this song was about a woman trying to fuck a car. Luckily, this was 1987, and Coverdale happened to be dating Tawny Kitaen. Ms. Kitaen isn’t a particularly skilled thespian, but she is very, very good at humping the hood of a Jaguar. “Here I Go Again” almost immediately became the most popular video on MTV.

Coverdale and Kitaen would later split (surprise!), and Tawney claimed that her car-fucking was the primary reason Whitesnake became commercially popular and that she deserved a huge chunk of the back royalties.

She may have a decent argument.

You can read the book HERE.


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