Twisted Woods

(YouTube Link)

Since Nike released the now-ubiquitous Tiger Woods/Tiger’s father commercial, there’s been over a dozen spoofs. Fairly easy to do, just select any appropriate sound bite and splice it over the static video of Mr. Woods looking like he’s getting a stern talking to.  There’s obligatory stuff like Alec Baldwin’s irate voice mail to his child, and the always-usable Christian Bale rant from the set of Terminator Salvation, but there’s just something so wonderful and unexpected with this one. And now, I want to rock.


2 Responses to Twisted Woods

  1. haha i love how quickly these were produced and unleashed. literally the day after the spot was put out, people joined the ‘conversation’ and put their stamp on it, like ZOMG web 2.0!?!

    anyway, good collection of them over here:

    As for the Bale audio clip my fav is still the one on Family Guy:

    What up JohnnyCat!

  2. John Farrier says:

    I still kinda like Tiger. Still, I suppose that it is beneficial to society that his career be destroyed because of his sexual misconduct. That such terrible shame has been attached to him, as well as staggering financial losses, will remind a lot of men to keep it in their pants.

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