I Hate Yahoo Ads

I’m thinking about ditching Yahoo mail after all this time, because no matter what, their ads that grace my most-prized emailing experience (the Zero Inbox) have always been, and will always be, annoying and repulsive. Anyone remember the 50 monkeys that would convulse and turn blood-curdling red when you put your cursor (the hand with a finger pointed) over a certain area? Remember that?

Lately I’ve had to deal with the obnoxious young dude who has a bad case of Photoshopped wrinkles, and some lame animation later, he looks like himself again. But now, this. This is just terrible. Not An Ad On This Blog–

Note: This is not an advertisement. It's not.


What the heck? Oh, I see. Your message is this — unless I get my degree now, I could end up like this bitter old man. I mean, seriously, what other context for this unflattering picture could there be, aside from the fugly side of advertising that relies on shock value.

Seriously, Yahoo. I liked you better when you were trying to get me to swat the fly.


5 Responses to I Hate Yahoo Ads

  1. KDelphi says:

    Yeah, good luck..unless youre paying for it, they wont let you switch

  2. Anonymous says:

    i hate yahoo

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hate the old lady with the 1/2 wrinkled face, the other fine. Ugly!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really hate the ads too. I’m thinking of switching to Gmail only. I really hate to do this because so many people have my email address and I’ve had this email address for so long. But just don’t think I can continue with the obnoxious ads.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I also hate yahoo ads. They must go out of their way to make them as annoying as possible. Does Yahoo ever think about its users?

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