The Fisher King Is My Kind of Romance

Like many (if not all) Terry Gilliam movies, The Fisher King is odd. Spectacularly odd. The script is brilliant in its storytelling, the performances are realistic, yet grounded in a kind of character world where normal people fear to tread. And yet this speech Parry (Robin Williams) gives to Lydia (Amanda Plummer) drips with universal romance.

Cinematical’s Christopher Campbell agrees, naming it one of last Valentine’s Day entries in “Our Favorite Romantic Scenes.”

Yet there are so many great heartfelt lines (courtesy of screenwriter Richard LaGravenese) in this scene that the creepiness may be overlooked. Even “I’ve got a hard on for you the size of Florida,” which may not seem romantic on its own, but which in the context of the conversation is so endearing. And “you’re the greatest thing since spice racks” is such a wonderfully weird thing to say, but who can claim to never have acted nonsensically while speaking completely from the heart?

I just love how Robin Williams plays that scene, and Ms. Plummer dials everything up perfectly.

Image via NicksFlickPicks


One Response to The Fisher King Is My Kind of Romance

  1. Sandy Scotto says:

    Very sweet. I guess I’ll have to watch the rest of the film.

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