Micmacs Looks Like Amelie x 1000

I’m a huge fan of visionary directors. People who take risks, and in doing so push film into the art sphere. One of my favorite filmmakers is Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Man, I even love how his name flows off the tongue. His films are so meta-physical representations of life, and they seem to exist in their own genre.

Delicatessen, City of Lost Children, and most gloriously, Amelie, these were all amazing films.

Here he comes again, with a movie called Micmacs. OMG.

(YouTube Link)


One Response to Micmacs Looks Like Amelie x 1000

  1. AutoDestructo says:

    It’s not fair to mention this wonderful and clever director’s wonderful and clever work without mentioning his single failure. A movie so wretched and foul, so filthy that he should be made to wear the DVD around his neck for all eternity ala Jacob Marley. This movie contains all of Jeunet’s signatures: Slap-schtick, chain-reactions, a yellow-green filter, and of course, Dominique Pinon. This movie should serve as a warning that even the most brilliant among us may stumble for we are all human.

    The movie? Alien Resurrection.
    “That’s IMPOSSIBLE!” You say. Yet I say “Search your feelings, you know it to be true.”

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