L’Ours (The Bear)

1988 was a pretty busy year for me. I was in the Navy, and that was the year of my longest cruise.  Back home, my sister, my Mom, and many others were urging me to see Jean-Jacques Annoud’s magnificent nature biopic, The Bear, as soon as I could. Due to countless twists and turns along history’s trail, I still haven’t seen the film. Today I came across this clip from it, and rest assured, that fact will soon be rectified…

(YouTube Link)

It’s about a cub whose mother is killed, and he gets taken in by a male Kodiak bear. To get around obvious complications, Annoud got creative. From IMDb:

Because in the wild, male bears usually eat bear cubs if they can, the filmmakers prepared the adult Bart the Bear for the cub by having him play with a teddy bear the size and fur color of the cub. When the trainers felt he was ready, he was introduced to the cub and he greeted the cub affectionately.

I must see this movie now. NOW!


2 Responses to L’Ours (The Bear)

  1. Sandy Scotto says:

    I’m afraid I would cry too much.

  2. johnnycat says:

    Good cry is good.

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