Train to Sarajevo

Force 10 From Navarone is a great sequel to a classic, and full of scenes that shine. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be the scene called “Train to Sarajevo” on the DVD chapter list. It’s actually the highlight of a complicated exercise in espionage of the coolest order, the aftermath of a series of unfortunate events.

And it is so good.

It’s definitely in the top ten for best train scenes, somewhere between Midnight Run and Lawrence of Arabia. Robert Shaw and Harrison Ford play it cold as ice as their characters, Mallory and Barnsby, zero in on the traitor Nikolai, masquerading as an ally named Lescovar.

As I said, many scenes in Force 10 are above average as far as entertainment goes, but this dark scene has us relishing Nikolai’s impending fate at the hands of two heroes who are smarter than him.

Mallory: You say this train goes to Sarajevo, no stops?

Lescovar (Nikolai): Ya.

Mallory: But I noticed on the map that we pass within a half a mile of the dam. Strange you didn’t bother to mention that.

Sweet sweetness, the way Shaw delivers that line is just masterful.  […]

Mallory: A little while ago you said that Marco must have ‘given himself away.’ I don’t think he gave anything away… except his life.

Barnsby: What did you give away, Lescovar? (Awesome Harrison Ford Face Activate)… Hm?

I must append that as fun as this movie was, I’d highly recommend seeing The Guns of Navarone as well, as it is a superior film all around. And while I’ll concede that Edward Fox (Miller) could be considered a poor-man’s David Niven, I will not, however, allow Robert Shaw to be eqauted as such to Gregory Peck. Both are awesome in their own ways.

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(Image: MGM)


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