Father’s Day

My Dad wrote a great piece, part poem, part statement, about his Father. I was supposed to post it today, but it is actually stored on another computer. I’ll update this post tomorrow, since I promised him I would. [Update 6/21: see below.]

He’s the best Dad. Like Atticus Finch.


My Father—A Life Unique!!

It’s as if he were woven — as fabric from the community in which he was reared.

Only the choicest threads were used, each one carefully selected and inserted with extreme skill.

Through the lean — hard years — the material was tested and proved —Strong —– Resilient—–Honest.

His fortune grew with time and great effort but it was exceeded by his humanity.

His education was limited, but his knowledge was great —and soon recognized.

For all he had received — He gave!

To his Wife — Love   Honor    Respect

To his Children — Lessons  Opportunities  Discipline To his Relativ,es — Generosity Tolerance History

He did  not wait for life to give him shape

Rather — the strength and quality of the fabric shaped his life.

  • It allowed him to see the needs of his community — Honest Service
  • It caused him to perform  With — Integrity
    • It guided him among us in dealings — that when finished there was  never cause for him to lower his gaze or apology make.

We may not know the Weaver —

Nor truly comprehend the process that placed him with us — Exposed us to him.

Though we know we are richer from the acquaintance
In our deepest thoughts we still ask —
Who was this man — really?

The answers are as numerous as the fibers —

Interwoven in our experiences — With him. But one -comforting — fulfilling— sustaining awareness remains

This Man Was My Father——I Hope He Was Yours!


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