Yep, That’s How I Imagine Nessus

Having the world of art at your fingertips is awesome, and it’s such a bonus to be enjoyed when it’s useful. I’ve recently, finally gotten around to reading Larry Niven’s Ringworld. I was wondering if my visions of the characters described were close to what others had depicted, so I searched.

Nessus looks nice here in this illustration by John C. Atkeson & Mark Woolrich, and it’s pretty much what I got from Niven’s descriptions. The kzin, Speaker to Animals was close, but I pictured him looking more like Hoverball Cat.


One Response to Yep, That’s How I Imagine Nessus

  1. MSR says:

    Just found this after searching for images of Speaker to Animals. I agree, that is Nessus, but no one seems to have nailed Speaker, at all!

    I read Ringworld when I was a kid, and just listened to it on Audible. As an adult, I picked up on several things which I think I missed the first time. You should check out the audio book. It’s on Audible, read by Tom Parker (he does very good voices for Speaker and Nessus).

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